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A network of CNG and LCNG stations.

Custom, turn-key,
expandable CNG/LCNG production and 
fueling infrastructure for road, rail, marine, mining, E/P and RNG clients

We build CNG/LNG/LCNG/RNG Fueling Infrastructure

Turn-Key Solutions for Scalable Growth on Demand.

Fleet Energy America provides Galileo technology to North America.

Galileo Technologies is a leading company in natural gas applied technology providing vehicle conversion, compression, adjustment and natural gas transport equipment. It also has an international network of business associates, distributors and representatives in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Galileo Technologies

Have CNG or LNG production or fueling questions?

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CNG, LNG & LCNG Equipment



NANOBOX is Galileo’s Plug-and-Play CNG compressor-package, specifically designed for private NGV fleets and small CNG filling-stations. This equipment provides a convenient and attractive solution for the needs of this market. The package integrates compression, storage and a complete CNG dispenser/carder-reader in a single economical unit. Quickly installed and easily moved to new locations as needs evolve.

Leasing & financing available on all systems.


A complete CNG Fuel Station Solution.  Compact, ‘plug-play’, scalable, transportability, fully automated, sophisticated remote monitoring.At

‘Fast-Fill’ solution for public or private stations also with ‘Time-Fill’ fueling options for overnight private fleet fueling.

The most use CNG fueling equipment on the planet.  The largest and fasted CNG stations in the world use Galileo.

Leasing & financing available on all systems.


Modular LNG production & fueling

The Cryobox is the worlds only modular, scalable LNG production and fueling unit.

Producing 6,000 to 10,000 LNG gallons per day, rapidly deployed, minimal site engineering, ‘plug-n-plan’, easily expandable capacity requirement grow, easily transportable to a new site and needs change. The CryoBox has low operating costs, low power consumption, fully automated operation system and remote monitoring is done through Global SCADA.

Leasing & financing available on all systems.



Finally a practical, cost effective solution of for CNG & LNG fueling.

With the Patagonia, a new fuel station can be set up in just days, ready to fuel in both CNG and LNG.

Up to 1,400 LNG gallons of fuel is stored in the Patagonia. Additional storage can be easily added. Additional Patagonia’s can be added as demand increase.

The Patagonia, another innovation that makes good business sense by Galileo.

What Fleet Energy can do

From assessment to financing, Fleet Energy can take care of your CNG & LNG fueling needs.

Fleet Fueling Assessment, Projections & Planning

  • How much fuel will be needed?
  • By whom? When? Public or Private?

System Design

  • What system configuration and capacity is needed
  • For the short term? For the future?


  • Compression, Storage, Dispensing
  • Payment/Accounting

Financing & Incentives

  • Leasing Programs
  • National & State
  • Infrastructure Incentives

Galileo Cryobox

Strategic Markets

  • Regional Fuel Suppliers
  • Public Entities
  • Refuse Companies
  • Natural Gas Distribution
  • Landfill Gas Capture Projects

The Cryobox Nano LNG-Station

The LNG produced by the CRYOBOX Nano LNG-Station will supply the fuel for your company, be it a heavy transport venture, a mining enterprise, an industry located in a remote region or a community far removed from a gas pipe-line.

Neither technological limitations nor large investment capital requirements will prevent you from using low CO2 emission LNG in place of diesel or fuel oil. Cryobox will allow you to become your own producer of LNG, meeting all environmental requirements even in the fuel-production and storage phase.

Cryobox has an adjustable production capacity with a maximum of 7000 gpd (gallons per day). The high-pressure, thermodynamic cycle of the Cryobox converts natural gas to the liquid state as temperatures are reduced to less than minus 307ºF below zero.

This multi-stage compression process includes a ‘boil-off’ recovery system which eliminates all gas-venting usually associated with LNG storage and loading facilities. This process avoids gas waste while complying with all safety and ecologic regulations.

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